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About Me

Hi I’m Tiffiney

Tiffiney is a military mom, who for more than twenty years held key leadership positions in Corporate America. Her passion to encourage, inspire, lead and motivate those around her was always a goal. She knew while raising her children and working her way up the corporate ladder, she needed to continue to become a better version of herself. Change had to start with her, and she worked hard to become the first person in her family to go to college.  First obtaining her bachelor’s degree in business management and eventually going back to obtain her master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. Her dream was to become one of the world’s best Certified Public Accountants.  

Who I Am

Dreams are as simple or as complicated as the dreamer themselves.

Growing up, Tiffiney experienced many social challenges that eventually led her to a 20-year functional battle with depression, abuse of alcohol, and unhealthy relationships.  Despite going through her own obstacles through life, she still was passionate about helping others. Life was indeed like a rollercoaster ride, some amazing highs and some dark lows.  It was at one of the darkest lows in 2017 that she had a stroke and then was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that drastically changed her life.  She found herself extremely overweight, completely lost and in the deepest depression she had yet experienced.

In 2019, Tiffiney began to work on personal development and learning different techniques to help her overcome her roadblocks in life. She feared if she did not get better then she would not see her children grow up.  The more she worked on herself, the more she began to heal and elevate in different levels of her life.  Many didn’t understand her process, so she had to walk this journey alone.  As she was listening to one of her audio books, she realized that it was time to no longer fear and share her story. Sharing her story would land her on an international platform that resulted in inspiring thousands of people.  This was the key that unlocked the gates to her true purpose.

In 2021, Tiffiney decided it was time to stand on the social challenges she battled and help others achieve great elevation in their lives. She travels to speak on different platforms and coach clients through true life changing breakthroughs. Achieving real results and eliminating the repeated cycle of life seasons.  Her passion and drive helped her break barriers and now her purpose is to help thousands of others do the same.

Tiffiney currently resides in Georgia and operates all of her businesses remotely.

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