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How to Deal with Living in a Toxic Household

by | Sep 17, 2022

Dealing with a toxic person or relationship is hard enough, but the whole situation changes if you’re stuck living with that person. Whether it’s a partner, friend, sibling, or parent, having to deal with a toxic person at home is a horrendous experience. With the toxicity invading your life in the one area you hope to serve as an escape from everything else, many are left wondering how to get out of a toxic household in Atlanta.

If it doesn’t seem feasible to get out of that household soon, then learning how to deal and live with the toxicity is your next best option. Before you seek out therapy in Atlanta, try out these strategies from an Atlanta life coach for how to deal with living in a toxic household in Atlanta.

Examples of toxic personalities

It’s important for one to be able to figure out what toxic traits and behaviors to look out for. you don’t need to go through therapy in Atlanta to figure this out. Common behaviors from toxic persons include:

  • Having little regard for your needs, rights, or emotions
  • Being unkind and judgmental
  • Constantly violating your boundaries
  • Refusing to make any compromises with you
  • Needing to be right all the time
  • Feeling that they are exempt from the rules
  • Posing unreasonable demands to you
  • Refusing to take accountability for their actions
  • Accusing others of their mistakes or faults
  • Rarely saying sorry
  • Wild mood swings and episodes of rage
  • Lying to you or guilt tripping to try to get their way
  • Manipulating you to gain control or using you and others as tools to further their own interests

Strategies from a life coach in Atlanta

To help cope with a toxic household, here are 3 strategies you can use to cope with your situation.

Create a toxic relationship coping journal

Writing in a journal is a terrific approach to process your feelings and connect with your emotions. You can reflect and deal with the feelings and inner conflict you are experiencing at home by writing your thoughts down.

In the journal consider the conflict’s source and what you could do to solve the underlying issues. Consider the other person’s upbringing and how they were raised, the circumstances and people who have influenced their life, and their value system – as well as your own.

Talk to a trusted friend or family member

This is the second step to coping with a toxic household. Having a friend or family member you can talk to can act as a support system to help you through tough moments.

Have a deep and serious conversation about what you’re feeling and experiencing. Ask them if they’ve ever noticed any toxic behaviors form you or the persons you find toxic in your life.

Talking to family members can also be greatly beneficial to your relationship with another toxic family member, like a parent or sibling. They can act as mediators and bridge communication between you and the toxic person.

Distance yourself and create space

Lastly, an effective way to deal with a toxic situation is to distance yourself from the aggressor. This means limiting interactions and engagement in unhealthy activities with the toxic person.

Identify behaviors, comments, or gestures that trigger conflict. You may not be able to change how they react, but once you can spot triggers in conflict, you can manage how you react to them better. If you feel like a situation is going south, then simply walk away. You don’t need to add fuel to the fire.

Consult with Tiffiney Booker today!

Living in a toxic household takes a heavy toll on anyone experiencing it. Try out these strategies and see if it helps improve your situation and quality of life. If not, then you may want to consider consulting with a trusted life coach in Atlanta, Georgia like Tiffiney Booker.

Tiffiney Booker is dedicated to helping others achieve transformation in an area of their life. As a military mom who also has decades of experience working in corporate America, Tiffiney is here to help you navigate through tough times and equip you will the skills to reach your goals. Contact Tiffiney today and book a free consultation call to see how you can take control of your life!