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How to Hit Your WFH Goals Even While Battling Depression

by | Aug 10, 2022

Working from home can feel overwhelming for some people. This is natural, specially if you’re not used to this setup. Feelings of unease, anxiety, and unrelenting sadness can all fester and develop when you’ve been indoors for way too long. If you’re clinically diagnosed with depression, then constantly staying at home might aggravate all of the negative symptoms of your condition. Unfortunately, while we are still in a pandemic, going places or regularly meeting other people may not be as safe as staying home.

While this is an inevitable side effect of working, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. You can still enjoy working from home without dreading feeling depressed and unmotivated. Find out some of the ways you can still hit your work from home goals even while battling depression in this article.

How to WFH Well With Depression in Atlanta, GA


Take notice of small joys around you

One way to cope with your depression in a healthy way is by reminding yourself things that you are grateful for, even when you have to stay home most of the time. List down things you are grateful for every day and repeat them to yourself like a mantra before beginning your day. Reminding yourself every day that not everything is bleak can really help boost your mood and outlook daily. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean forcing yourself to be happy when you don’t feel like it. You are simply reminding yourself of the good things around you.


Connect with Atlanta co-workers, friends, and family members

Working from home doesn’t mean you should forego any kind of interaction at work. There are many tools you can use to help connect with your co-workers and friends even through the screen of your laptop or phone. Being social with your co-workers is necessary to keep your mental health stable during the work week, especially while working from home. You should also take active steps to connect with your friends and family members. As naturally social beings, social interaction can definitely help regulate frequent mood swings brought about by isolation.

Set some time for yourself

Because your work is now home, it can be very hard to disconnect from your “work” mindset and persona. This can lead to extended levels of stress, even though you’re technically done with your shift. Set aside some time for yourself every week while you work from home, whether its to meditate, do yoga, or a brief walk outside. Self-care tasks also include taking breaks, exercising, and eating healthy.

Understand and forgive yourself on your off days

Now, if, even after heeding all of these tips you still find yourself feeling depressed, don’t fret. Don’t beat yourself up for a valid emotion. There really are days when nothing can lift your mood while you’re at home and that’s okay. Let yourself feel and forgive yourself when this happens. Depression is a condition that quite literally affects the chemical composition of your brain, so it’s inevitable that your body reacts a certain way because its central processing unit is compromised. Just rest, relax, and try again the next day.

The road towards achieving your goals is a bumpy one, so make sure that the life coach leading you there knows when and how to give you a breather when working from home. After all, achieving your best self isn’t about grinding non-stop to get there as fast as you can, but about enjoying the process as you work on bettering yourself one step at a time. If you’re passionate about leveling up in life and reaching all of your personal goals, Tiffiney Booker might just be the breakthrough coach you are looking for.


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When you’re cooped up indoors while working from home in Atlanta, it can become too easy to stay in your thoughts and dwell in all of your negative emotions. The lack of sun, exercise, social interaction, and the current state of the world can easily throw you down a downwards spiral towards depression. But don’t worry, not all hope is lost–it is possible to work well from home and battle depression–one thought at a time. If you need an experienced personal life coach to help you through this transformation, look no further than Tiffiney Booker. Book a free consulting call with her today and learn all about how she can help you grow. Start a conversation with Tiffiney at (404) 548-8837.