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How to tell your parents in Atlanta that you have mental health issues

by | Sep 10, 2022

Dealing with mental health issues is a lot to handle and shouldn’t be something that you have to go through alone. You might already have the help of a therapist in Atlanta or maybe a few trusted friends know about your condition. Although what can really help is having the support of your family. But what if you haven’t talked to them about it yet?

How to tell parents about mental health issues that you’re facing can be a difficult conversation. In fact, some might even think of hiding the news from their parents, hoping that they work it out on their own without their parents even trying to help. If this sounds like you, please don’t take this route.

As a life coach in Atlanta, Tiffiney Booker has had experience with clients battling mental health issues and sharing it with their parents. Here are few tips that can help you speak to your folks about what you’re going through.

Don’t wait and know it’s okay to ask for help

The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you can feel better, so don’t put the conversation off. If you’re fearing the conversation because you think it’s not okay to ask for help, then you can feel at ease knowing that it’s more than okay to ask.

Plan ahead what you want to say

Having that conversation can be tough so it will be better to come prepared. Organize your thoughts and plan what you want to say, including why you need help. You can choose to focus on what you’re having trouble with and how it’s affecting you.

For example, you can explain it as “I’m not feeling like myself these days. I’m tired all the time, and I don’t want do things after school. I feel sad all the time. I don’t feel right.”

Pick a good time to talk to them

A big part of how to tell your parents about your mental health issues in Atlanta is when you choose to do so. Try to pick a time and place where you’ll have your parents’ full attention. Sit them down on a Sunday afternoon when not much is going on at home rather than bringing it up while rushing to school.

Try choosing a time when you can all be relaxed and open to having conversation. And make sure that there’s enough time to talk about things, so don’t do this before any scheduled plans. You won’t get the help you need this way.

Try starting in writing or scheduling the talk

Maybe sitting down and talking about it isn’t the best way for you or your parents. You can try writing a letter, email, or text to start the conversation. This will give them a little background so they can prepare and won’t be shocked. Starting out with writing will ease everyone into the discussion instead of dropping it all on them in one go.

To help manage their reaction, you can choose to tell your parents one at a time. This way you only have to deal with one person at a time. If one parent is more likely to react negatively, you can talk to the other parent first so that you can have support as you talk to the other.

Let them know how they can help

Your parents may not always know how to help but will often want to do so. Before they try to help in ways that may make you feel worse, suggest specific ways they can help like booking an appointment with a psychologist or having them check in on you regularly.

On the other hand, you could also air out things that aren’t helping. Let them know if there are certain actions, behaviors, or words that aren’t helpful or might even be triggers for you.

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Dealing with mental health issues are a serious matter and you should consult with a licensed professional like a psychologist to get the help you need. However, you might also need support to balance your mental health issues with other aspects in your life. This is where a life coach from Atlanta can come in like Tiffiney Booker.

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